May 182021

The mathematics of complexity dictate that
the flapping of a butterflys’ wings might lead to
a hurricane on the other side of the world,…
or, they might not. It’s not up to the butterfly
and even if there is a hurricane the butterfly
probably won’t notice; and even for a god
there may be no better way to know the outcome
than letting the computations pay out.

This does not mean that the butterfly is powerless
nor inconsequential.

The Pauli exclusion principle states that
no two particles can occupy the same quantum state.
So, just by its’ very presence the butterfly has forced
countless other particles to be elsewhere; and
by the flapping of its’ wings it has rippled out
countless changes into the universe that
continue to drive change forever forward in
subtle ways.

Even the photons, traveling at the speed of light,
experiencing their beginning and end simultaniously
in the absence of time, don’t know where
they will end up… but every one of them matters.

The universe is a question pondering itself
and we are each a part of the answer.

Flap your wings!