May 182021

The mathematics of complexity dictate that
the flapping of a butterflys’ wings might lead to
a hurricane on the other side of the world,…
or, they might not. It’s not up to the butterfly
and even if there is a hurricane the butterfly
probably won’t notice; and even for a god
there may be no better way to know the outcome
than letting the computations pay out.

This does not mean that the butterfly is powerless
nor inconsequential.

The Pauli exclusion principle states that
no two particles can occupy the same quantum state.
So, just by its’ very presence the butterfly has forced
countless other particles to be elsewhere; and
by the flapping of its’ wings it has rippled out
countless changes into the universe that
continue to drive change forever forward in
subtle ways.

Even the photons, traveling at the speed of light,
experiencing their beginning and end simultaniously
in the absence of time, don’t know where
they will end up… but every one of them matters.

The universe is a question pondering itself
and we are each a part of the answer.

Flap your wings!

Apr 112020

So, this is the edge?
Or, is it the edge?
It’s hard to know.
Like the event horizon of a massive black hole,
it bends a little more steeply at every step;
but never so you would notice.
It’s as if I know I’m being swept away,
but as anything caught in the current,
I feel no movement…
just a persistent screaming in the back of my mind –
an itchy thought –
a superposition of sheer panic, and dead calm.
Like camping on the boundary
between the immovable object
and the irresistible force –
carefully balanced so that time stands stands still;
with unimaginable energy, poised
just a twitch away from cataclysm.
I stare into the abyss, and perhapse, later,
if not otherwise occupied,
I will sit in the dark and sink slowly into madness.

Apr 102020

I wish I had the magic words
to bring you safely back (to me)
to feel your touch
to hear your voice
and hold you by my side

I watch your likeness on machines
hear your vibrations in my ears
you’re far away
but oh so close
a sparkle in my mind

I wish I had the magic words
but somehow they won’t come (to me)
still I can feel
your memory
stirring deep inside

Impulses and waves, electricity,
invisible forces, flow in between
I don’t recall imagining
a world unreal as this

Reach out to me from where you are
as I reach out from here (to you)
imagine it’s
my warm embrace
and don’t let it subside

I wish I had the magic words
to bring you safely back (to me)
to feel your touch
to hear your voice
and hold you by my side

Oct 182019

happy thoughts please
push away the darkening gloom
that threatens to consume
the room between my ears
by stoking all my fears
reminding me of tears
the years that went by wrong
the promises broken
the dreams undone

happy thoughts please
wash off the pain
remove the stains
repair the wonds
evict the gloom
before it turns the light to pain
the morning sun to a cold harsh intruder
painful brutal beastly heartless and unrelenting

happy thoughts


Sep 012019

He’s seen a hundred come before
They’d rush ahead although forewarned
…and in their haste – get their “reward”
Another verse if you please…

He raised his voice to spread the lore
The signs he posts still go ignored
… as they scurry past the scattered gore
Another verse if you please…
Another verse if you please…

He settles back, can’t bear to watch
He shakes his head, and checks his watch
… and bides his time,
it ticks and talks,
then there’s the cRACk
that tells the tale,
A flash of red,
A tuft of fir,

The 2nd mouse gets the cheese.
The 2nd mouse gets the cheese.

Apr 282019

A quantum foam
Seithing with fire
The emptiness burns
A glassy sea
And no this doesn’t ryme
It’s chaotic

Apr 282019

IT does not compute
IT does not compute
Cat can haz compute?
IT does not compute

green eyes wonder through a smoldering sky
without blinking
without fading
piercing the blue orange gradients through to darkness and pinpoints of shiny twinkles



Apr 282019

kaBOOM klatter clatter chatter tinkle tinkle chikatika
BOOM clatter tinkle crash sizzle pop pop
BOOM BOOM chatter clatter tinkle CRASH shatter tinkle CRACK!
BOOM whisper whisper whisper squeak

Mar 172019

Something precious, ripped away
see how the broken pieces lay
they’re scattered here and all around
in shredded tatters on the ground

Where once was hope and promises
now we count but lies and losses
smoldering embers question: why?
while answers smoke into the sky

Sounds rumor joy off in the distance
while pain enforces it’s persistence
tears may carry it away, but
far too slowly on this day

No longer cause to celebrate
on every footfall, hesitate
shuddered breaths between each tear
a hollow moan for each lost year

Fall to the floor and block the door
drift off to sleep and dream no more