Apr 112020

So, this is the edge?
Or, is it the edge?
It’s hard to know.
Like the event horizon of a massive black hole,
it bends a little more steeply at every step;
but never so you would notice.
It’s as if I know I’m being swept away,
but as anything caught in the current,
I feel no movement…
just a persistent screaming in the back of my mind –
an itchy thought –
a superposition of sheer panic, and dead calm.
Like camping on the boundary
between the immovable object
and the irresistible force –
carefully balanced so that time stands still;
with unimaginable energy, poised
just a twitch away from cataclysm.
I stare into the abyss, and perhapse, later,
if not otherwise occupied,
I will sit in the dark and sink slowly into madness.